Bory Tucholskie National Park

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The red educational trail of Józefowskie Meadows

The trail starts and ends at the parking place – about 2 km to the north from the Klosnowo village. The length of the trail is about 5.3 km, thus the waking time shall be below 2.5 h. The trail has been marked with white squares with red diagonal strips. The trail leads through various eco-systems of the Park – the forest, meadow and the lake. Seven educational stops have been prepared. They are marked with  posts:

  1. Tiered construction of the forest
  2. Ants in the forest
  3. Plants of the forest floor
  4. Young forest trees
  5. The Ostrowite Lake
  6. Meadows
  7. Dead trees

Detailed information about the trail is available in the guidebook by Magdalena Kochanowska, Maria Chybowska and Karolina Lubińska "Józefowskie Łąki" (the Józefowskie Meadows).

The route of the trail